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Delete cache Added Files in the tools of Van Long Stream

When the number of files or ids added to the tool is too much, it makes it difficult to observe the status of the files that have been processed or has failed. enter image description here

During using the tool, some time the driveId was added without converted, but did not know why because the number of files in the Added Files tab was too much.

Ok, to simply check whether the tool is stopped or if the added driveId is either getlink or flagged, the simplest way is to clear the cache of previously added files (this cache does not affect anything). to the converted data).

After clearing the cache, the Added Files tab will only have the added driveId or files after deleting the cache, so it will be much easier to observe.

You can run the following command to clear the cache of the driveId or files added to the tool

echo "del waitDriveIdDownload3001" | redis-cli
echo "del waitLinkDownload6601" | redis-cli
echo "del waitLinkDownload8801" | redis-cli
echo "del errorDownload3001" | redis-cli
echo "del errorDownload6001" | redis-cli

After deleting, it will look very clear, as shown below, shows that the drive that hasn't been converted is due to a die or block. enter image description here

OK then, just that, I need support more, plesae send you a message!