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Get list ip access to p2p hls plus loadbalancer tool

Some time you may be stolen link by proxy request. To block it you need know what ip do proxy request then block it. Below is api to show list IP have big request



The result will be like below

IP     NumberOfRequest
2a01:cb04:717:2a00:d920:8323:d991:edeb     30798     28577     10000     6781
2a01:cb05:8be2:b500:adbd:2e21:56cc:74d7     5705     4706     4561     4149     3789     3745     3311     3241     3233
2a01:e0a:3e3:ea90:38e6:a7d6:2492:ebd5     3064
2a02:8440:231d:df61:ad07:23be:4207:8424     2993

Then get ip have big request and add to cloudflare to block it