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How to config master full disk in p2p hls plus

When a master be full disk store, we need tell to loadbalancer know what master is full, then help loadbalancer control add link data to other master

Step 1: Open file /root/mastersFullDisk.txt in loadbalancer server and add ip of master full disk to it

Step 2: Run list below commands on loadbalancer Server

cd /root/loadbalancer
echo "del mapDriveIdToMaster" | redis-cli
rm -rf /root/db*
cd /root

Step 3: Run list below commands on full master server

echo "del waitDriveIdDownload3001" | redis-cli
echo "del waitLinkDownload6601" | redis-cli
echo "del waitLinkDownload8801" | redis-cli
echo "del errorDownload3001" | redis-cli
echo "del errorDownload6001" | redis-cli

Step4: Re-add driveId to loadbalancer