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How to use Subtitle Manager with p2p hls plus tool

Upload subtitles to the tool

enter image description here After Upload we have the following results enter image description here

Get the subtitle name and insert the embed link of p2p hls plus tool The link embed tool p2p drive will look like this http: //your-domain/public/dist/index.html?id=[id-stream]

To add subtitles to this link, we will add a parameter called vlsub which is the name of the subtitle that was uploaded in Step 1, we will have the link as below.


For example, I have a link

Now I want to add a subtitle has name to above link, the result will be

The result will look like the image below enter image description here

You need upload all of subtitles to tool, for example, the picture below I have uploaded 2 subtitles as underlined in the picture is and enter image description here

Now you want to include both subtitles in the embed p2p hls plus link, you will embed the link as follows http://your-domain/public/dist/index.html?id=[id-stream]&vlsub=[name-of-subtitle1]|[name-of-subtitle2]|[name-of-subtitle3]

Remember separator is a character |


Restart tool Subtitle Manager

Run the commands below

cd /root/submanager

That’s it, you need more details, please contact me! Wish you all a happy day