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Best Streaming Tools For Movie and Video Websites – DEMO:

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P2P HLS Plus

P2P HLS Plus

This is best vod streaming tool, it use google cache, cloudflare cache and p2p technologies help you handle very big traffic , stream no limit, save your money

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  • Fast load and smooth stream
  • Tool never die, buy one time, use long time
  • Use P2P streaming technologies help you save ́70% bandwidth of server
  • Use max google cache, cloudflare cache
  • Server port 1G support stream 5K realtime
  • Use bandwidth of Google, Cloudflare, and bandiwidth of viewer, do not use much bandwidth from server
  • No DMCA
  • Protect your link, you can allow any domain can play
  • With P2P Streaming, the more people watch, the more benefit
  • Better after each time update
  • Support loadalancer to handle unlimited traffic, site with 5000 ccu, 10.000 ccu and bigger still working ok (ccu is total user realtime watching)
  • Support JWPlayer full crack
  • You can easy use popads, VAST ,Banner, Popunder ADS
  • Load video fast
  • Fast setup, only about after 30 minutes you can use systems
  • Full API to intergrade with your code
  • Update and fix bug free
  • Support 24/7, reply question immediately

Pricing: 2000$ one time payment

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