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Smart Drive Backup Tool

Smart Drive Backup Tool

This is best tool for backup movie data in google drive help you no need save data on server, keep all your video not die and not flagged, can restore data any where

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  • Use google drive storage
  • Keep all your videos data alive, not die and not flagged
  • Support restore data any where and any time on your server
  • You dont need use server to store video files when use this tool
  • Very fast backup, 1 day can backup 2K files
  • Can run on vps only 10$
  • Not only create backup file but also create clone stream file, you can use for user stream + download
  • Support create number of clones of each file, soft config through api
  • Full api support to get clones and restore
  • Fast setup, about 15 min you will can use it
  • Support auto add accounts, no need add by manual
  • Support input from driveId or folderId of google drive
  • Support convert from facebook, google photo, youtube,, fembed, rapidvideo, and any mp4 remote link, and m3u8 hls link
  • Free update new version + fix error
  • Lifetime support 24/7
  • Free move data and tool to new server in case of necessity
  • Support load balancer for big streaming systems

Pricing: 300$ one time payment

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